PupStep Hitch Step


An easy way to help your dog in and out of the car.

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PupStep Hitch Step

Taking your big dog along for the ride has never been easier!

Solvit’s innovative PupStep hitch step is the perfect solution for pet parents who want an alternative to ramps for helping their oh-so-heavy pups access the back of the vehicle. This patent-pending two-step design makes it easy for pets to climb up and down, and even easier for you to swivel it up and out of the way when not in use.

Generously-sized steps have a high-traction surface to give pets confidence going up and down.

The vehicle’s lift gate can still be opened with the steps in the stowed position, and steps can be easily removed for storage.

The PupStep hitch step’s steel construction (weighing in at 9 Kg) is strong enough to hold 91 Kg.

Since the PupStep hitch step is always available “on-demand”, it is an excellent alternative for those who may find pet ramps too cumbersome.

The PupStep hitch step installs into any 5 cm vehicle hitch receiver, and can be adjusted to fit the heights of different vehicles. Unfortunately, we do not stock the 3 cm hitch receiver adaptor (sold separately) at this time.

Please note that the PupStep hitch step does not attach to the tow bar fitting (ballmount head, etc) but inserts into the tow bar hitch receiver (i.e. the square tube attached to your vehicle, into which a tow bar fitting is normally inserted). Any existing tow bar fitting would need to be removed from the tow bar hitch receiver and replaced with the PupStep hitch step. If you do not currently have a tow bar fitted, then (to use only for the PupStep hitch step) you would only need a hitch receiver to be fitted to your vehicle (you would not require the tow bar fitting as well).

Please also note that we do not fit these devices. Buy from us and have it fitted elsewhere.

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