HP Magnetic Pet Healing Pad (On Special – Buy 1, Get 2)


Use this Magnetic Pad for healing.

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HP Magnetic Pet Healing Pad


Use this Magnetic Pad from HolisticPet for healing. If your pet is old or suffering from any bone related injuries or degeneration, then magnetic therapy is something you should consider for them. The reaction of the body to injury, pain or illness is swelling and inflammation producing a low oxygen acid environment. Magnetic energy is absorbed in the blood due to the iron content contained by haemoglobin. This energy travels through the blood stream causing blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow, increasing oxygenation and eliminating toxins thereby restoring the PH levels of the blood cells and tissues.

This balanced environment optimises the functioning of all body organs allowing the body to heal itself”.

Your pet can lie on the mat- the more direct contact your pet has with the mat, the more benefits they receive.

The outermost cover is hand washable, at a cold temperature with a mild detergent.

The Magnetic Pet Pad is Indicated for pets with:
a. Osteoarthritis
b. Hip or elbow dysplasia
c. Cruciate ligament ruptures
d. Neurological disease including intervertebral disc disease and degenerative myelopathy
e. Old age
f. Fractures
g. Muscle weakness, spasm, tightness

Main benefits:
1. Increasing blood flow thus enhancing oxygenation
2. Facilitation of healing of nervous tissue and bone
3. Reduction in inflammation, swelling and pain

Magnetic therapy should be considered as an adjunct and not a sole treatment option.

Magnetic pet pads should be used with care round pregnant individuals, those suffering from seizures, anyone with pacemakers and internal defibrillators.

Keep away from computers, credit cards, cell phones, hearing aids, battery operated watches.

Available in one size only- 52 x 89 cm.

Note: If you have a big dog, best you get 2 mats. 

Suitable for cats or dogs.

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