Dog Socks With Rubber Soles (choice of 6 sizes)


Dog socks with rubber soles offer secure footing and anti-scratch protection.

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Dog Socks With Rubber Soles (choice of 6 sizes)

These dog socks are made by Trixie and feature cotton socks with lycra or latex soles. The front area has an all-round robust, anti-slip rubber coating for secure hold, even if the socks should slip sideways.

The socks offer ideal paw protection. They protect smaller wounds and provide protection from scratch marks for your car, floor and furniture.

Especially suitable for older dogs.

Please ensure that you select the correct sock size for your dog. It is very important for you to measure your dog’s paws before ordering.

The best way to do this is to place (with full weight) your dog’s paw on a piece of paper, and mark either side (at the broadest part across) with a pencil (just a dot will do). Then measure from mark to mark. This will give you the paw width measurement. Also note that a dog’s front paws are usually bigger than the back paws, so measure all four paws and then order a size that will fit the largest paw. The sock sizes are quite small, so a L/XL will not fit a very big dog.

These dog socks are sold in pairs (set of 2).

Colour: Black only.

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