Buddy-Bucket Dog First Response Poison Emergency First Aid Kit


This Buddy Bucket anti-poison emergency kit is intended to assist with immediately purging, neutralising and retarding the effects of the poison, before consulting a veterinary expert.

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Buddy-Bucket Dog First Response Poison Emergency First Aid Kit  

The Standard Buddy Bucket is intended for 2 small to medium sized dogs, but will work for 1 large sized dog.

The contents of these emergency anti-poisoning kits offer immediate treatment for Aldicarb (Two Step) poisoning, organophosphate poisoning, rodenticide poisoning and anti-freeze poisoning.

The kit is intended to assist with immediately purging, neutralising and retarding the effects of the poison.

The (natural) ingredients will work to give added protection to the liver and kidneys.

Full instructions, dosage chart and information included in each bucket.

NOT to take the place of a Veterinary consultation, but acts as the first line of defence to buy a little time before seeing a vet. This gives your pet a better chance of survival.

Crime is an unfortunate reality in South Africa and sadly house burglars have resorted to poisoning family pets in order to gain easier access to a property.

Over the past few years we have researched dog poisoning, in consultation with a homeopath, due to the increase in this terrible crime. When one is faced with the tragic realisation that their pet has been poisoned, panic sets in and it is extremely traumatising.

The idea of a first-aid kit for dog poisoning is new to South Africa and as crime increases, so too have the instances of dog poisoning as a precursor to home robberies. Due to this, pet insurance premiums have also escalated.

Did you know that there are nearly 1000 cases of dog poisoning every week in South Africa? These are directly connected to house robberies and break-ins. Remember that although the baddies target dogs, the bait (eg, poisoned meat) can just as easily be consumed by other animals such as cats.

The signs of possible poisoning are: vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, drooling, twitching, tremors, seizures, foaming at the mouth.

The Buddy Bucket is a comprehensive anti-poisoning kit that has everything a dog owner needs to deal with a situation of poisoning before getting to their pet to the closest veterinary clinic.

The first hour of the poisoning incident is critical and it is during this time that the kit will assist to purge poisoned food from the dog’s stomach and absorb any toxins. The natural ingredients also help to protect the kidneys and liver and assist in flushing out the toxins.

New!! Now we have added protection against bites, stings and allergies to the kits as well. This additional small kit has been added to all the Buddy Buckets. Diphenydramine Hydrochloride capsules have been included. These are for allergies, insect bites, bee stings etc. There are separate instructions for these. Bees, centipedes, scorpions, spiders etc. can also cause toxicity in your beloved pet.

The Buddy Bucket is intended to buy time for one’s pet on the way to a qualified vet. It in no way replaces the need for a veterinary consultation. It is not an anti-dote to the poison, but it is intended to buy a little more time and to purge the poison from the stomach. It is not an anti-dote to the poison, but it is intended to buy a little more time and to purge the poison from the stomach.

Standard Bucket – Suitable for 2 small to medium sized dogs (or 1 Large).

Poisoning: 3 x 50 g Granular activated charcoal(1 already in the squeeze bottle) , 1 x syringe (to measure dosage), hydrogen peroxide 3%, 3 x Nux Vomica capsules, 3 x Lycopodium capsules, 1 x Sample bag (for the vet), 1 pr surgical gloves, 1 x squeeze bottle (to squirt the mixture down the throat) and 1 x instruction sheet.
Bites, Stings and Allergies: 2 x Diphenydramine Hydrochloride capsules and 1 x separate instruction sheet.

The anti-poison kit is also suitable for cats and other pets, as everything in the Buddy Bucket except the Peroxide is cat compatible. Don’t give cats Peroxide. Cats respond really well to both Nux Vomica and Lycopodium.

Lycopodium crushed with coconut oil into a paste is suitable for eye lacerations and even deep puncture wounds from bites and accidents. It cleans, heals and seals wounds really well. This can be used for deep puncture wounds as in dog bites or even stabbings.

Peroxide is perfect for cleaning and sterilising of wounds.

Disclaimer: These kits are meant as an emergency aid to assist with poisoning. They are not intended to replace a veterinary consultation. Please contact your vet for further advice. We take no responsibility for loss or damage. When used correctly, the contents of the kit will provide a first response to minimise the effects of poisoning en-route to a trained professional.

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