First Aid Jump Bag Basic Life Support


Basic Life Support Jump Bag. All you need for serious injuries to you or your dog.

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First Aid Jump Bag Basic Life Support

This Basic Life Support Kit is for Paramedic and EMS use.

This Life Support Kit Exceeds the Minimum contents of a BLS First Aid Kit set out in the National OHS Act.

The bag used to contain the First Aid Kit contents is locally manufactured out of high quality D600 grade material, in other words, it is unlikely to tear and break.

We include a few higher quality first aid contents than some other, cheaper First Aid Kits do not have.

Bag Contents:
1 x Elastic Adhesive Plaster Roll 25mm
1 x Antiseptic Solution 100ml
2 x Burns Dressing 10cm x 10cm 2
20 x Alcohol Swabs (Singles)
4 x Conforming Bandage 75mm
4 x Conforming Bandage 100mm
20 x Blood Lancets – Twist Type
1 x BP Meter Aneroid
2 x Crepe Bandages 50mm
1 x Cottonwool Roll 50g
2 x CPR Mouth Piece
1 x Metal Tweezer
1 x Gauze Swabs 50mm x 50mm Non Sterile (100)
2 x Gauze Swabs 100mm x 100mm Non-Sterile (5’s)
4 x Examination Gloves (Pairs)
2 x First Aid Dressing No. 3
2 x First Aid Dressing No. 5
2 x Paper Tape 25mm x 3m
20 x Plaster Strips (100/Box)
4 x Conforming Bandages 50mm
1 x Rescue Scissors 19cm
1 x Digital Thermometer
4 x Triangular Bandages N/W
2 x First Aid Dressing No. 4
2 First Aid Dressing No. 6
8 x Guedel Airways Assorted
1 x Glucogel Sachet
2 x Linen Savers (Singles)
2 x Maternity Pads
2 x Rescue/Space Blanket
1 x Mucous Extractors
1 x Nasal Cannula – Adult
1 x Nasal Cannula – Child
1 x Nebulizer Masks – Adult
1 x Nebulizer Masks – Child
1 x Venturi Masks 40% – Adult
1 x Venturi Masks 40% – Child
1 x Paper Towels
1 x Bio-Hazard Bag
1 x Pupil Torch
1 x Resuscitator PVC – Adult
1 x Safety Goggles
1 x Dual Head Budget Stethoscope
3 x Suction Catheter with Control
4 x Umbilical Cord Clamps
10 x Wooden Tongue Depressors
2 x Yankaur Suction Nozzles
10 x Hypodermic Needles 21g
2 x IV Admin Set1 – Blood 10dr/ml
2 x IV Admin Set2 – Solution 60dr/ml
2 x IV Admin Set3 – Solution 20dr/ml
2 x IV Cannula 14 – 24G
1 x Tourniquet

In a tough, rugged Jump Bag.

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