Basic First Aid Grab Bag


Basic First Aid Grab Bag.

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Basic First Aid Grab Bag

A nice, comprehensive first aid kit. Ideal for the car, the office, the home, sports field or to take with you on outdoors activities.

Kit Contents:
1 x 5g Cotton Wool Balls,
1 x 50ml Cetrimide (Antiseptic Solution),
1 x Eye Pad Dressing, 1 x Rescue Blanket
1 x Sterile Gauzes 5’s,
1 x Plastic Forceps,
1 x Scissors,
1 x Safety Pins 12’s,
2 x Non-Woven Triangular Bandages,
1 x Conforming Bandages 75mm,
1 x Conforming Bandages 50mm,
1 x Plaster Roll 25mm x 3m,
1 x Non-allergenic Tape 25mm*3m,
1 x Pack of Plaster Strips 10,
1 x First Aid Dressing No.3,
1 x First Aid Dressing No.5,
2 x Latex Gloves,
1 x CPR Mouth Pieces,
2 x Yellow Interlocking Splints

all contained in a quality grab bag

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