Welcome to the PetzAid Reseller’s Club.

If you haven’t already done so, please register an account Here.

You will then be registered as a normal customer. Please email us and tell us your intentions. Where will you be selling and to whom? This will allow us to calculate the discounted prices that you are entitled to. Please note these discounted prices exclude delivery. Once we have your destination address and the size of your order, we will quote on shipping and send you a payment link for that, or you can arrange collection from us.

In all cases the Recommended Retail Selling prices (incl VAT) are:
Standard – R390
Plus – R465

You can sell at any price really, but we insist you don’t undercut our RRP or our website prices. (You can go above these prices, but not below).

Bear in mind none of the prices shown here include delivery costs. We charge R100 for delivery on our website, thus our retail prices are really R490 and R565, so you can make quite a good mark-up. When you are ready to order buckets and pay for them and we will then advise you of the costs to ship the buckets to you, or you can arrange to collect them. No products will be made available to you until we have received payment in full and it has cleared. We prefer using PayFast to clear our payments. This allows for immediate clearance and costs you no extra. We will send you an invoice and a Payfast payment link.

Please contact us at resellers@petzaid.co.za and tell us what type of reseller you want pricing for and in which city, town/s, or area you wish to sell in.

We will then reply with further instructions.

Please add the above email to your contacts to ensure our emails reach you and do not end up in your spam folder.

To Re-Cap
The distribution and sales of our Buddy Buckets can be a very lucrative business. The profit margins are very generous. You are free to develop this into your own business. Feel free to advertise, print business cards, and print flyers if you want to. You must not try to copy our products for your own account and if you do we will be forced to take legal action.You can also appoint agents under you and build a network, but you must order stocks from us for them. You will be our designated and appointed reseller. You can sell to shops, but your profit margin drops. You need reasonable quantities and repeat orders from the shops to make money.

You can order Buddy Buckets as you require, but shipping will be assessed and quoted separately. This depends on how many buckets you need and where they must be delivered. The wholesale prices do not include any delivery costs. If you prefer, you can arrange to collect from us. As we get more agents, we will have more collection depots. At present we can arrange for you to collect from Hilton.

All orders must be fully paid up before any buckets are released.

We have made some documents available for download, such as an overview on ingredients, ads, dosage chart, full description of kits, indemnity etc. This will help you explain how things work to customers. The documents are all PDFs. If you do not have a PDF reader, download one here.


Ingredients & Dosages

Kit Descriptions


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