PetzAid is an online pet store that sells emergency anti-poison kits, first aid kits, medical sundries, natural herbal products, dog backpacks, car barriers & protectors, furniture protectors, pet protective wear, lift harnesses, paw protection, ramps & steps, eye protection and travel products for pets.

We are a South African business and we deliver anywhere across the country.

PetzAid sells pet emergency kits and first aid supplies for your pet, both consumables and non-consumables.

PetzAid sells natural formulations and herbal products for your fur-baby. Rather use a mild, non toxic product.

Remember, healthy pets are happy pets and happy pets make you happy too, so why not all be happy?

PetzAid sells some mobility products, such as lift harnesses, protective boots, joint supports, drag-bags and healing mats.


Sometimes, particularly with older pets, a little help is required to reach high places. If your dog has an injury, he will battle to jump up. We sell ramps and steps both for vehicles and for indoors.


In the rough, or after an injury foot protection is necessary. We have protective boots, non-slip boots and rough working boots. Protect Rover’s paws, especially if out in the bush, on a hike, or walk.


Pets, especially dogs can be a major distraction while driving. Keep your friend restrained in the back to avoid him climbing to the front seat. We have barriers to confine Fido to “his safe area”.


Nowadays crime is spiralling out of control. A favourite ploy by the baddies is to poison and subdue your dogs to make access to the house easier. This is usually at night and the vet is not readily available. Gain a little time with our specialist anti-poison first aid kits. All homeopathic items, so no harm will be done. Then get to a vet ASAP.

During Lockdown our warehouse staff and couriers practice safe, no contact service and delivery. The driver uses a mask and sanitiser and will place the parcel down and step back for you to take your parcel. Please sanitise it before opening it and using the contents. Thanks. 

Find out more about the CoronaVirus and the dos and don’ts during lockdown. Keep up to date with official notices and numbers of Covid-19 cases in South Africa and around the world. Stay safe and let’s beat this together.
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