PetzAid is an online pet store that sells emergency anti-poison kits, emergency first aid kits, medical sundries, natural herbal and homeopathic remedies, joint supports, magnetic therapy pads, dog backpacks, car barriers & protectors, furniture protectors, pet protective wear, natural CBD products, lift harnesses, paw protection, ramps & steps, eye protection and travel products for pets.

At PetzAid we are different to most other  pet shops. We specialise in pet emergency first aid kits, natural formulations, protective clothing and mobility products for pets, but mostly for dogs.

Most of us humans, are trying, on a daily basis, to not use harmful drugs and chemicals normally prescribed by the mainstream medical profession and we are opting for more natural alternatives whenever possible. Serious medical cases where surgery is necessary, or doctors need to prescribe drugs for a serious illness or injury might be unavoidable, but wherever possible we try to use natural remedies, CBD, herbal formulations, holistic healing etc. Why not allow your pets the same privileges and use alternative treatments for them too, whenever possible?

Please do not try to treat all illnesses and injuries to your pets yourself and avoid the vet completely. All signs of something wrong with your pet must require a visit to your vet. You owe it to your best friend to see an animal doctor as soon as possible! The best you can do is buy a little time and assist your pet until a vet can examine the animal properly.

The “baddies” are poisoning our pets more frequently nowadays and when every minute counts, you can’t always rush to the vet. Late at night or far from town might make it difficult to see a vet and this is when you can assist your animal. What will you do if your dogs are poisoned late at night? The first few minutes are critical. We offer homeopathic anti-poisoning and bite & sting kits for dogs. Every household should have these on hand. You never know when it will happen to you.

We are encouraging all pet lovers to concentrate on being able to render first aid to your animals in any emergency. Factories and shops are regulated by law to have first-aid kits on hand. You never know when an accident may happen, but how many of you have decent, well stocked first-aid supplies for yourselves at home, in the car, in the caravan, in the boat? Now, what about first-aid for your animals? Are you able to render assistance to your pet should something go wrong? We bet you can’t. What if Fido is run over, or stabbed, or shot?

We bring pet-owners a choice of first-aid kits and other medical and protective products so that your  pets stay healthy. A healthy pet is a happy pet.

We feel that nowadays incidents of poisoning, dog fighting, stabbings and other injuries are happening more frequently than ever before and we firmly believe that every household that has pets should be prepared to render first aid assistance to their animals. Through our products, we try to make this easier for you.

For those of you who love the bush, when running, hiking, camping or enjoying an outside adventure, take your loyal friend with you. Invest in protective wear for your dog. We sell jackets, raincoats, life jackets, visibility vests, dog backpacks, dog hydration pouches, paw protectors, dog boots and more. 


Our PetzAid pet store also sells products for protecting your furniture, protecting the car seats, restraining your pets, erecting a barrier in the car to prevent your 4 legged pal from distracting the driver, flotation devices, visibility vests and more.

We are proud stockists of the HolisticPet range of mobility aids for pets. This includes lift harnesses, joint supports, drag bags, protective boots, magnetic therapy mats and more.

We recently added some Koi CBD products to our range. These are formulated and approved for use with your pets.

PetzAid is a family online business, based in Hilton, outside Pietermaritzburg in the KZN Midlands. We supply and deliver throughout South Africa.

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